- Romania -


Bucharest, Romania

Languages: English, Romanian

Fillings: YES

Crowns: YES

Bridgework: YES

Veneers: YES

Whitening: YES

Root Canal Treatment: YES

Apicoectomy: N/A

Sinus Lift: N/A

Dentures: N/A

Cleaning: YES

Gum Treatment: YES

Braces: YES

Simple Extractions: YES

Surgical Extractions: YES

Implants: YES

Children's Dentistry: YES

Dental Turism Clinic is the leading dental tourism facility in Romania. Situated in Bucharest, and offering a wide range of dental treatments using the latest technology, this is a great option for affordable and high-quality dental care.

Dental Turism Clinic also offers three dental tourism packages that include flights, accommodation, car rental, airport transfers, city tours and a visit to the beautiful castles of Transylvania!

Flight Booking Available: YES

Accommodation Booking Available: YES

Flight and Accommodation Package: YES

Airport Pick Up: YES

Sightseeing Assistance: YES

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